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Looking Back at NPLI 2013: 

"Overcoming Obstacles to Change"

Thanks to the 200 educators who attended and volunteered at the Institute this summer (July 13-19), "Overcoming Obstacles to Change." Our event was attended by educational leaders from across the United States and across the world (including Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Virgin Islands).

We had a stellar line-up of presenters, including our unforgettable opening day keynoter Tavis Smiley (pictured above) at the Walter Reade Theater at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.

Our keynoters and panelists included authors Michael Fullan and Peter Senge, Superintendents/Chancellors Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Michael Hinojosa, John Deasy, Rudy Crew and Dennis Walcott, New York State Deputy Secretary for Education De'Shawn Wright, corporate leaders Laurel Richie (Women's National Basketball Association), Ed Reilly (American Management Association), Larry Leverett (Panasonic Foundation), Stan Litow (IBM), Consuelo Kickbusch (EAS), Alan Blankstein (Hope Foundation), and U.S. Army Colonel Paul Owen.

Leadership Consultations
Unique to the National Principals Leadership Institute is the opportunity for each participant to review a leadership style inventory with a member of the Institute’s National Faculty. Each confidential conversation will help participants create an individualized growth plan by focusing on questions such as: What strengths do I want to build on? What area do I want to work on? How can I impact on student success?

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What makes the National Principals Leadership Institute the choice professional development program for education leaders?  Read this comparative chart:

Unified Theme

A unified theme drives institute speakers, team projects and special activities.

Unified themes may or may not be utilized to ‘brand’ professional conferences or conventions.

Professional conferences and conventions are generally too large and unstructured to facilitate this component.

Professional conferences and conventions are not organized in this manner.  Instead, participants must choose from dozens of lectures, workshops and seminars that are available during particular time slots.


Take It Home

Throughout the institute, participants are provided time to reflect on: “How can I use this information to benefit me, my school, and/or my district?”

  •       Former NPLI participants report continued use of NPLI information and materials on-the-job.
  •      Professional relationships with school administrators from across the U.S. and Canada, developed during the institute are generally maintained.
  •       Study groups and Professional Learning Communities (PLC) often result when districts send groups of administrators to the institute    


NPLI’s National Faculty comprised of current and retired school administrators and university professors, provide confidential leadership consultations designed to address professional issues and/or concerns unique to each participant.

This activity is not and cannot be successfully implemented at large, unstructured conferences or conventions.
Sense of Intimacy and Bonding

NPLI participants and staff  are provided opportunities to question and interact with each speaker/presenter.

Professional conferences and conventions often attract 2,000 or more participants.  Many of the presentations are viewed on giant screens, with no opportunity to question or interact with presenters.

“Change is not an event; it is a process.”
-Michael Fullan, author.    
NPLI’s schedule of activities is quite deliberate. Every keynote address, roundtable discussion and expedition-ary learning activity is intentionally crafted to assist teams of participants in the successful completion of action plans for future  on-the-job use.    
This activity is not and cannot be successfully implemented at large, unstructured conferences or conventions.

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